Belezas, by Latin jazz Network, by Raul da Gama

It is never easy to record repertory music, especially when it is so familiar because of the personality and character of the composers who are associated, but there have been some noteworthy successes in the past.

But thankfully, despite multiple failures by many musicians, some outstanding artists have not been outdone by the difficulty of making famous charts their own. The latest to attempt and overcome all challenges successfully is the extraordinary Brazilian chanteuse Carol Saboya. Her album, Belezas—The Music of Ivan Lins and Milton Nascimento is an outstanding testament to both her own artistry and the enduring legacy of the two Brazilian legends whom she honours on this record.

Saboya is one of the newest in a long line of wonderful Brazilian singers. The purity of her diction and the pristine nature of her inflection, coupled with her soaring and soulful expression are the reasons she stands apart from many other vocalists both inside Brazil. For this reason she is also one of the most recognizable Brazilian vocalists outside that majestic country. The practice and young legacy of her art might easily draw comparisons with other legendary musicians of the Brazilian MPB movement such as Rita Lee, Gal Costa, Marissa Monte, and in some of the slow, aching passages of her music (such as “Anima" on this album), even Elis Regina.