Bossa 65, by Keizo Takada – – Japan

Antonio Adolfo
BOSSA 65: Celebrating Carlos Lyra and Roberto Menescal

A tribute album by pianist, composer, and arranger Antonio Adolfo to his senior composers Carlos Lyra and Roberto Menescal, created to commemorate the 65th anniversary of Bossa Nova's birth. Antonio Adolfo has released around 25 albums as a leader and has also created albums dedicated to Carlos Jobim (2021) and Milton Nascimento (2020). Here, we will introduce five works by Carlos Lyra, composer and singer of ``We and the Sea,'' including the famous ``Little Boat,'' which is featured in this work. Five songs by singer and guitarist Roberto Menescal will be played in groovy and jazzy arrangements. An ensemble consisting of a quartet of guitar, bass, and drums (percussion) centered around Adolfo's soft and warm piano, as well as wind instruments including trumpet (flugelhorn), alto saxophone, tenor saxophone (alto flute), and trombone. Although there are no songs in the beautiful harmonies, it is a wonderful tribute album with each player's powerful solos. (Keizo Takada)