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Handpicked Favorites From Songwriters Carlos Lyra And Roberto Menescal

Antonio Adolfo celebrates Bossa Nova’s 65th anniversary with a visionary tribute to a pair of original living legends.

2023 marks Bossa Nova’s 65th birthday. And if it had not been for pianist Antonio Adolfo’s yearly tradition, this musical milestone might have passed us by.

Bossa 65: Celebrating Carlos Lyra and Roberto Menescal is the latest in a prolific series of annual recordings stretching back more than a dozen years.

These albums draw on Adolfo’s own experiences with Bossa Nova and Brazilian jazz. They’ve become volumes of his own musical encyclopedia.

Bossa 65 focuses on a slice of Bossa Nova’s history that deserves the spotlight. Five songs each from two of Bossa Nova’s living legends. Menescal? Adolfo includes ‘O Barquinho’ and ‘Rio’. Lyra? There’s ‘Coisa Mais Linda’ and ‘Maria Moita’. Both songwriters were in their youthful 20s during Bossa Nova’s peak.

Adolfo’s Bossa 65 Reunites Three Living Legends

“I was 17 when Carlos Lyra invited me to start my career with him,” recalls Adolfo. “A year later, I joined Roberto Menescal’s group and went on to tour and record in Europe with the legendary Elis Regina.

Adolfo’s masterful talent as an arranger continues on Bossa 65. “As a teen, I fell in love with groups who featured horn players like Jazz Messengers and Bossa Rio,” says Adolfo.

“I‘m still close friends with both composers. And I love how these horn players bring energy and subtlety to the songs I’ve selected for this special tribute.”

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Antonio Adolfo Celebrates Bossa 65