Bossa 65, by Tom Haugen – Take Effect

The revered Brazilian pianist, composer and arranger Antonio Adolfo pays homage to Carlos Lyra and Roberto Menescal here, where a firm focus on Bossa Nova unfolds with plenty of esteemed talent on hand.

“Coisa Mais Linda” opens the listen with Adolfo’s warm keys amid Rafael Barata’s frisky drums in the very melodic climate, and “Samba Do Carioca” follows with a more dense appeal that showcases Dada Costa’s fluid percussion and Lula Galvao’s playful guitar via the very rhythmic delivery.

Halfway through, “Maria Moita”, a samba, emits bright alto sax from Danilo Sinna’s skilled vision for a festive album highlight, while “Marcha Da Quarta-Feira De Cinzas” focuses on Marcelo Martins’ dreamy flute for the stirring intimacy.

Approaching the end, “Nos O Mar” flows with meticulous and animated energy that meshes the swift drums, fascinating keys and Jesse Sadoc’s vivid flugelhorn, and “Sabe Voce” exits with Jorge Helder’s agile bass complementing the dynamic and infectious environment.

A fantastic tribute to two legends, Adolfo has been behind over 25 albums now as leader, and this elegant and harmonically involved listen ranks up there with one of his best.

Travels well with: Grant Geissman- Blooz; John Allee- Past Imperfect