BruMa: Celebrating Milton Nascimento, by D. Glenn Daniels – The Jazz Page

Pianist Antonio Adolfo delivers an incredibly well-done tribute with BruMa: Celebrating Milton Nascimento. Replete with outstanding arrangements, the recording showcases fantastic performances of tunes that Nascimento wrote or co-wrote. The high level of musical excellence heard here starts with Adolfo’s adept work at the piano, backed an exquisite big band sound. Among the other players heard here is Jesse Sadoc on trumpet/flugelhorn, Jorge Helder on bass, Rafael Barata on drums, Marcelo Martins on tenor sax and alto flute, Danilo Sinna on alto sax, Lula Galvao, Leo Amuedo and Claudio Spiewax on guitars and Dada Costa on percussion. A production too fantastic to miss.