BruMa: Celebrating Milton Nascimento, by Musica Terra, Japan

Antonio Adolfo , a Brazilian craftsman pianist who continues to release new music at an abnormal pace even though he is in his 70s. The new song is a collection of Milton Nasiment songs!

"Bruma: Celebrating Milton Nascimento" is a cover of the songs of Milton Nascimento , SSW that represents Brazil in all 9 songs. Not only is it a very famous song, but there are also many songs that are unlikely to be selected on Milton's best albums. I think that (1) "Fe Cega Faca Amolada", (2) "Nada Sera Como Antes", (4) "Cancao Do Sal", (5) "Encontros E Despedidas" are relatively well known songs. Well, I would like you to listen to it from here, but the band composition is a medium-scale composition with wind instruments added, and Milton's masterpiece is carefully arranged and revived.

I think that Milton Nasiment's music has a wild sensibility that is a little far from refinement, but I can't help feeling a bit strange that jazz samba craftsman Antonio Adolfo is arranging such a wild child's music. I started listening to it as it was.
However, I was relieved to hear the sound contained in this album.
The sudden change in rhythm unique to Milton, the complex chords, and the wonderful arrangement in which Antonio Adolfo's "love beyond homage" is transmitted warmly conveys the warmth of the original song. This is a work that Antonio Adolfo, who knows all about Brazilian music, can do.