CD Jobim Forever, by Tom Haugen – Take Effect

A pianist, composer, arranger and bandleader, Antonio Adolfo interprets the legendary work of Antonio Carlos Jobim from the ‘60s, with his inestimable and unique vision that takes help from Rafael Rocha’s trombone, Jorge Helder’s double bass and many more.

“The Girl From Ipanema” starts the listen with Rafael Barata’s agile drumming and percussion alongside graceful alto sax by Danilo Sinna and Adolfo’s elegant keys in the swing delivery, and “Wave” follows with Dada Costa’s playful percussion amid Lula Galvao’s sublime guitar and Rocha’s soulful trombone solo.

In the middle, “How Insensitive” benefits much from Sadoc’s soaring flugelhorn and Mancelo Martins’ airy flute as much beauty is present amid the slow Bossa, while “Inutil Paisagem” flows with a timeless, haunting jazz spirit thanks to Paulo Braga on drums. The lone track with vocals, “A Felicidade”, lands earlier in the listen, and showcases Zé Renato’s poetic singing in the busy, precise execution.

The final two tracks, “Amparo/Intro: Por Toda A Minha Vida” and “Estrada Do Sol”, are equally luminous, where the former spotlights Adolfo’s precise piano work interacting with the cautious brass and the latter exits on a dreamy, flute friendly, jazz waltz.

Adolfo chose Jobim’s work from this particular decade because of its impact in helping make Rio de Janeiro a cultural capital of the world, and along with the esteemed cast he certainly illuminates all the hallmarks of Jobim’s craft that the world loves, while putting his own inimitable stamp on the compositions.

Travels well with: Chris Standring- Wonderful World; The Chris Saunders Band- Dancing With The Widow St. James