CD Tropical Infinito, by Chris Spector – Midwest Records

ANTONIO ADOLFO/Tropical Infinito: They say the music of your teen years is what really sticks with you. When still a jazz loving teen, Adolfo ate Norman Granz and Alfred Lion record for breakfast and invited his pals over to partake. The horns on all those records had a heavy influence on him. Now with time to explore his roots again, Adolfo takes it back to the early 60s to dust off those vibes and powder them with a Brazilian perspective. Since Granz was making bossa nova safe for gringos, Adolfo probably felt about that the way we felt about the Brits ripping off our blues and selling it back to us in amped up, sanitized fashion. Forget all that gibberish, this record smokes. You’ve never heard such a cool version of “Killer Joe’ and that’s just the track that kicks it all off. This is a party record for the ages and it’s killer stuff throughout.

CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher