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In the purest tradition of musical expression, the extraordinary Brazilian composer, arranger, pianist Antonio Adolfo is not only a master musician, but also an educator in music, a man who always imparts the wisdom, understanding and inspiration that is a fundamental purpose of all great music. His longtime commitment as an educator in Brazilian music, from both its expressive and historical context is legendary. After many years with an intense teaching schedule, Antonio has been able to shift his focus more toward his own music over the past decade. Yet, the historical element is always fully intertwined with his own personal message. Using specific elements in Brazilian musical culture as a springboard, Antonio’s recent albums have offered marvelous insights into that entrancing world while also providing remarkable musical journeys on their own.

With TROPICAL INFINITO Antonio explores the splendid world of early 1960s jazz, which had a profound effect upon him and many of his fellow musicians when he was first becoming a professional artist. But of course, it’s from a clearly Brazilian perspective completing the continuum that was begun back then and developed over all the years since. Antonio Adolfo’s music always leaves the listener with an uplifting and deeply satisfying experience.

The ensemble is piano and arrangements, Antonio Adolfo, Jessé Sadoc, trumpet and flugelhorn, Marcelo Martins,tenor sax and soprano sax, Serginho, trombone, Leo Amuedo, trombone, guitars, acoustic guitars, Leo Amuedo, doble bass, Claudio Spievak, Jorge Helder and Rafael Barata, André Siqueira and Rafael Barata, percussion.
The tracks are as follows:
Killer Joe
Whisper Not
Yolanda, Yolanda
Stolen Moments
Song for My Father
Partido Leve
All the Things You Are
Luar da Bahia