Chora Baiao, by Jazz Truth Review

I'm an armchair fan of Brazilian music; I don't consider myself an expert, but I know what I like, and I know enough to recognize the authentic. Brazilian music seems to get lumped into the "latin" music category, however, it has some distinct differences. The sub-genres and associated rhythms(samba, baião, bossa nova, choro) might share qualities with Afro-Cuban or Carribean styles to those with an untrained ear. And yes, the original source of all of these New World styles is Africa, and it's all in how the African ideas mixed with the music of the respective European conquerers. I've spent time playing with various Afro-cuban and salsa projects, but I lean a bit more towards the Brazilian styles, maybe because they seem somewhat more pliable, which makes it more adaptable to jazz music. Also, I used to work with a bass player in Washington, D.C. named David Jernigan who taught me a lot about Brazilian music. (Also, my wife, pianist Kerry Politzer, is an expert on Brazilian music as well.)