Copa Village, by MusicZoom – Italy

This homage to Brazilian music is made ​​up of three great artists, messisi together to recreate a situation that dates back to 1969 in Sweden. Telč young pianist Antonio Adolfo sounded for the group of the great Brazilian singer Elis Regina, the meeting in the studio with Toots Thielemans, virtuso harmonica led to the recording of an old disk: Aquarela do Brasil . Many years later Adolfo met Hendrik Meurkens , German stationed in New York, among the most famous performers of the accordion in contemporary mouth and little by little, between one and the other tour, took shape this record. The singer Carol Saboya , daughter of Adolfo, to complete the group there are other Brazilian musicians, the pianist sidemen credit: Claudio Spiewak on guitar, Itaguara Brandão on bass and Adriano Santosi on drums. The repertory is the most famous, just to mention a few immortal titles of Antonio Carlos Jobim (five his compositions in the lineup), The Girl from Ipanema / Girl from Ipanema and Agua de Beber , of course there are the titles written by Meurkens Adolfo and three harmonica and two of the pianist with the composition that gives the title to the disc, Copa Village written together. Meurkens is now a follower of Brazilian music and shows it in its tracks: Como if it is a beautiful ballad intepretata warmly by the voice of Saboya, Nosso Mundo sees his beautiful harmonica solo while Show de bola is the only song which is the vibraphone, even at this very valuable tool the album is followed from start to finish, are all arranged songs and performed brilliantly in which the element jazz and the Brazilian blend perfectly. The ballad Visão Adolfo closes the album so quiet, it is a new arrangement from the version recorded in Elis Regina hard along with Toots Thielemans and so almost come full circle. Jazz and Bossa Nova, two musical styles often hand in hand here they are again perfectly together in a disk like that has all the best qualities.