Finas Misturas – by Wilbert Sostre –

Finas Misturas is Portuguese for fine mixtures or delicate mixtures, a suitable title for Antonio Adolfo new release. Finas Misturas combines Antonio Adolfo outstanding, lyrical compositions with a nice selection of jazz standards.

The album starts with the soothing sounds of two original compositions, the smooth jazz “Floresta Azul" (Blue Forrest), reminiscent of pianist Bob James and the sublime melodies of the beautiful jazz ballad “Balada".

The album also includes the originals “Misturando" (Mixing), a composition that resumes the whole concept of the album, a fusion of jazz with brazilian music, and the excellent samba “Tres Meninos" (Three Little Boys).

Adolfo selected compositions from jazz pianists who obviously has been influential in his music. Pianists recognized for their lyrical soloing and good sense of melody. Chick Corea “Crystal Silence", Keith Jarrett “Memories of Tomorrow" and Bill Evans “Time Remembered".

Adolfo also include compositions by two jazz icons, “Con Alma" by Dizzy Gillespie and John Coltrane “Giant Steps" and “Naima". In all of them Adolfo stay true to the spirit of the original composition while adding his brazilian flavor and poetic, refined style. Brilliantly accompanying Adolfo on this project, Leo Amuedo on electric guitar, Claudio Splewak on acoustic guitar, Marcelo Martins on tenor sax, and flute, Jorge Helder on bass, and Rafael Barata on drums, and percussion.