Finas Misturas – So Jazz (Brasil)

Settled in the United States since 2007, pianist, arranger and composer Antonio Adolfo just released there his newest album, Finas mixtures, the label AAM Music , with distribution in Brazil by Sound Room Records. The disc, Adolfo promotes a dialogue with rhythms of Brazilian music and jazz standards from composers such as John Coltrane, Keith Jarrett, Dizzy Gillespie and Bill Evans.

Among the classics of American rhythm, there are four issues of his own. In mixtures, the album walks the baião, the lizard, the tune and the gang, lesser-known rhythms that bossa nova abroad and with which Adolfo works similarities little explored with jazz themes. "I think the combination worked. For example, if the listener does not know which are composed music by American jazz musicians, will find that they are very Brazilian, "Memories of Tomorrow ', Keith Jarrett is truly a tune; 'Giant Steps', John Coltrane, is a gang. And as for my music, of course, there is an interaction of these different styles, not only Brazilians, like blues and jazz harmony at times, "says the musician.

In the United States, Adolfo maintains a school in Hollywood, Florida, and divides its agenda between shows and workshops related to Brazilian music education. His new album, released there in March, is among the most played in American jazz stations. Among the reasons to stay in the United States, Adolfo highlights market differences to their music. "I love Brazil, but I sense that my music (the music I play, arranging and composing) has been very well accepted and respected here. My new CD, Fine Blends , is for 11 and a half weeks among the most played on jazz stations in the middle of the great exponents of the style. I know this could happen in Brazil, as I was at the time of bossa nova, of Festivals ", complained.

Piano and Antonio Adolfo arrangements have always been the most important intricacies of Brazilian music. In the 1960s, part of the Trio 3D, one of the period of the icons in the Brazilian rhythm was dominated by instrumental groups, alongside Zimbo Trio Jongo Trio and Tamba Trio. In the period of the festivals it was next to Tiberius Gaspar, composer of the song "BR-3", defended by Tony Tornado and champion of the International Song Festival in 1970. With Tiberius Gaspar, composed "Sá Marina" 1968 success Simonal revived by Ivete Sangalo in 1999. in addition to its copyright records, we had participation on albums by various artists such as Angela Ro Ro, Jorge Ben Jor, Edu Lobo and Nara Leão. his album, Homemade , 1977, released by Artezanal own label, is considered a milestone of independent disks in Brazil.

In addition to his piano, Adolfo album features the participation of musicians Claudio Spiewak (guitar), Leo Amuedo (guitar), Marcelo Martins (tenor sax and flute), Rafael Barata (drums and percussion) and Jorge Helder (bass). Between June and July, the musician comes to Brazil to release the album, with dates and places to be confirmed.