Jobim Forever, by George W. Harris – Jazz Weekly

Can you EVER have enough interpretations and tributes to Tom Jobim? So far, the answer is still a resounding “NO” as pianist Antonio Adolfo does some clever arranging of the samba master with a team of Lula Galvao/g, Jorge Helder/b, Paulo Braga-Rafael Barata/dr, Dada Costa-Rafael Barata/perc and a horn/vocal section.

The sound is similar to the classic Jobim albums produced by Claus Ogerman, such as Wave and

Tide, even including a Jimmy Cleveland-esque trombone by Rafael Rocha on pieces like “Inutil Paisagem”. Ze Renato adds gorgeous nasaly vocals on “A Felicidade” while Jesse Sadoc’s post bop alto gives a fresh feel to the brooding “Amparo” and peppy “Favela”. The moods are mostly upbeat, with Adolfo’s touch on the piano succinct and sparse, highly similar to Jobim’s own spartan stle as on “Wave” and “Agua De Beber” while the fluffy woodwinds cheerfully float on “Estrada Do Sol” and even on the gentle “How Insensitive”. A Brazilian breeze.