Jobim Forever, by Patrick Van de Wiele – Keys and Chords – Belgium

Since 2017, the renowned Brazilian pianist Antonio Adolfo has performed here regularly. He has since released more than two dozen albums in the USA and Brazil, including some with his daughter singer Carol Saboya. Antonio has been nominated several times for a Latin Jazz Grammy Award. In 1959 he first heard the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim on the radio. Antonio was possessed by the sound of bossa nova and became part of his music. Jobim was simply one of the most important figures in that genre. And now Antonio has found a new approach for 9 of those songs from the sixties. For this he called on some top musicians from his home country, and although they are immediately recognizable, Antonio has left his own mark on them. Opener is Jobim's most famous hit 'The Girl from Ipanema', and the bossa nova is introduced to the notes of a relaxed piano playing and a seductive sax. 'Wave' was inspired by the arrangements for singers Elis Regina and Carol Saboya, with a nice trombone solo. It all started with the song 'A Felicidade' for Antonio in 1959, and that song comes from the film 'Black Orpheus' from 1956. Then the tempo drops a bit with 'How Insensitive', introduced by piano, after which bracket and flute get a solo. And on 'Favela (O Morro Não Tem Vez)' we return to that typical bossa nova sound. In the USA, 'Inutil Paisagem' is better known as 'If You Never Come to Me', a haunting track. The world-famous 'Agua De Beber' floats to a cheerful rhythm, after which 'Amparo/Intro: Por toda a minha vida' from the film 'The Adventures' mixes 2 songs. And with 'Estrada do Sol' Antonio closes with a jazz waltz. There is no doubt that Antonio Adolfo paid a fitting tribute to the late Jobim, one of the architects of bossa nova. This way this timeless music stays “in the picture”!

Patrick Van de Wiele