Octet And Originals, by Keiichi Konishi – JazzTokyo


"I was fascinated by Adolfo's urban and relaxing paradise music sense that runs through all of them. Highly recommended."
JazzTokyo" has two new albums related to Brazil.・Arranger Antonio Adolfo's "Octet & Originals", and the other is Antonio Carlos Jobim's bossa nova collection "Petala" by Yoshiko Nitta, a singer based in the Kansai region, mainly in Kobe.・The Hoza (Rose Petals)".

Adolfo is a person who is often featured in this magazine, so it seems that he is familiar to the readers, but there are also relations such as the fact that there are not many Japanese editions, and in spite of his achievements and ability, he is an ordinary person. It's a pity that fans are not so well known. As mentioned above, he is familiar with Brazilian music in general, including Brazilian jazz, bossa nova, samba, choro, etc., and also unique regional music such as Minas. Although he has also acted as a backing for many singers such as Regina (daughter Carlo Saboya is the current leading bossa singer), recently he has been mainly working with Jobim, Milton Nascimento, Ernesto Nazareth, and more.

There was a feeling that he was concentrating on producing an album that processed the collection of works by Wayne Shorter and others in his own stylish way. They were highly acclaimed in various fields, but this time, he decided to put the spotlight on his own works and reconstructed them, and this new work was completed. That's why the title is (his own) "Octet and Original Collection". On the octet side, we added a rhythm section with guitars to the 4-wind formation by the genius Carcelo Martins (ts&fl) and other representative Brazilian jazz virtuosos who have been working with him recently. In addition, Ricardo Silveira, a well-known guitar player, also participated.

Luxurious lineup. Previously, he released the album "Theme", in which he self-covered theme songs for movies and TV dramas, and it was well received. His uniquely stylish and elegant arrangements and piano playing (this is pleasant) shine, and he seems to be able to express Brazilian jazz + Paul Smith (a fashionable pianist and arranger on the West Coast), and has a tasteful album. All 10 songs are a parade of Brazilian music such as Bossa and Maracatu, which can be said to be Adolfo's true value, but I was fascinated by Adolfo's urban and relaxing paradise music sense that runs through all of them. Highly recommended.