Rio, Choro, Jazz…, Rolling Stones, Brasil, by Antonio do Amaral Rocha

Antonio Adolfo test with this disc that crying has everything to do with jazz. Here, the honored work is to Ernesto Nazareth. Nine tracks of Nazareth and an author ( "Rio Choro, Jazz"), the band formed by Adolfo (piano), Marcelo Martins (flute and soprano sax), Claudio Spiewak (guitar and guitar) and Marcos Suzano (percussion) with pianist own arrangements, provides a trip to the cry of the universe and shows how it can be intricate style. Nazareth had influences from classical music, polka, tango, lundu and popular music that was in Brazil at the end of the 19th and early 20th Adolfo relay known songs, such as "Brejeiro", "Odeon", "Fon -Fon ", giving fresh air to this Brazilian rhythm. The disc has the merit to continue illuminating the master's work, which Adolfo has been doing since 1981, when it launched Antonio Adolfo Embraces Nazareth.