Rio, Choro,Jazz…, by Czékus Miháli – Gondola – Hungary

After all, in addition to composing, playing and even he founded his own school prepares plates three decades ago in Rio. The fact that the musician a dozen prestigious awards (eg. The Brazilian International Press Award in 2013) and more than 25 drives behind his back and did not reduce the enthusiasm demonstrates a fresh Adolfo album, Rio, Choro, Jazz ...

The disc is actually the main drive of the legendary Brazilian composer Ernesto Nazareth (1863-1934) before, because - in addition to Adolfo new orchestration - his works are filled with the repertoire. Brazil is a unique country, because there's almost all about rhythm and melody. It gives you a "sample" this album. Adolfo in case it might not have the correct word processing album, since he not only convey Nazareth's compositions, but also continue to think they are. Adolfo attracted a great musicians in the studio, for example. Claudio Spiewalk, Jorge Helder and Rafael Barata. The end result is an out southern temperament quintessential jazz album, which is probably not only the genre of Latin lovers line means more treats.

The sheet music deserves special mention in the range of Nao Caio Nout , the Fon-Fon and Tenebroso.