TEMA, by George Fendel – Jazz Society of Oregon

Tema (Theme); Antonio Adolfo, piano.
If you like the spontaneity and the uplifting, lively rhythms of Brazil, you should hear what’s happening on this very happy session. Rather than another run through of the alluring music of the Jobims, Gilbertos, and Lins, this is 100% original music of pianist Antonio Adolfo. But like the works of the aforementioned champions of Brazilian sounds, Adolfo’s music offers similar life-affirming joy. The instrumentation differs considerably from one piece to another. It includes both acoustic and electric guitar, flute, soprano sax, bass, drums and very rhythmic and precise additional Brazilian percussion. Amidst it all is Adolfo’s engaging, often mesmerizing piano. And by the way, not one note on Rhodes! I sometimes think that the world would be a happier place if everyone could write Brazilian style melodies. One almost wants to raise a glass and utter the Jewish toast, “L’chaim!" It means “to life," and there’s a whole lot of life offered here.
AAM Music; 2015; appx. 52 min.