TEMA, by Vittorio – MusicZoom (Italy)

After the albums dedicated to the great composers of Brazilian music pianist Antonio Adolfo this time presents a project going to look into their past, in many compositions written over the years `60, but with new arrangements and the knowledge that he acquired as an artist in 'arco the years. What comes out is an actual disk and much grandevole listening, testimony to the ability to innovate and listen to everything that's around. A support in this venture a group of compatriots who knows well and he works for a long time: Marcelo Martins on flute and soprano sax, Leo Amuedo on electric guitar, Claudio Spiewak on acoustic guitar, Jorge Helder on bass, Rafael Barata on drums and Armando Marçal on percussion, one that worked between the other one with Pat Metheny, and Paul Simon.

A group sailed enough which gives the maximum in presenting these new versions, rather as modern atmosphere, the leaders, which in turn seems to have written for them and have focused their efforts on this group. Some of the original compositions were written A blend in Xico Chaves and Tiberio Gaspar, authors of texts, but here it was decided to present everything in a merely instrumental version. Next to heat rich songs, Alegria for All and SamboJazz , in which the energy of the musicians conveys a joyful atmosphere. There's also a courtesan from the atmosphere and dreamy song, Alem Mares , beyond the sea in the Italian translation was written in 1969 and was dedicated to celebrating the conquest of space in that year. But now the emphasis is on the sea and in some ways resembles a classic Hanckock Herbie, the famous Maiden Voyage . Very nice also Phrygia Brasileira , a modal song based on an unusual scale Phrygian. It opens with l'assolo flute Martins, this time inspired by exotic atmospheres. He could not miss the bossa nova, represented by Melos . To close the disc's Variation on a Theme Sad , played for solo piano, lyrical and passionate with a touch of melancholy and sadness indicated by the title, the saudade Brazilian that emerges from the notes distributed sparingly.