BruMa: Celebrating Milton Nascimento, by DownBeat Magazine – USA

Multi Latin Grammy® and Grammy® nominee pianist, arranger and composer

Antonio Adolfo
Presents his new CD
BruMa - Celebrating Milton Nascimento

“After working with more than thirty songs to choose nine, I once again concluded that Milton Nascimento is the most modern and profound composer in Brazil. His compositions broke traditional harmonic and rhythmic patterns, with his modalism and natural rhythmic meters, all in a spontaneous, intuitive and natural way.” –Antonio Adolfo

Antonio Adolfo (piano), Lula Galvao, Leo Amuedo and Claudio Spiewak (guitars), Jorge Helder and Andre Vasconcellos (bass), Rafael Barata (drums and percussion), Dada Costa (percussion), Jesse Sadoc (trumpet and flugelhorn), Marcelo Martins (tenor saxes and flute), Danilo Sinna (alto sax) and Rafael Rocha (trombone).

Arranged and produced by Antonio Adolfo
AAM Music 0714