CD Jobim Forever, by Pierre Giroux – All About Jazz

It might be expected that everything one might want to say or write or play about Antonio Carlos Jobim and his music would have been done already. Apparently not. Pianist and friend Antonio Adolfo wanted to go back to the period of the 1960s, to record those Jobim compositions that Adolfo fell in love with as a teenager. Hence the music covered by Jobim Forever comprises those well known ear worms that lit up the bossa nova movement.

The album opens with "The Girl From Ipanema," which provides the musical vision of the opening lyrics; "Tall and tan and young and lovely / the girl from Ipanema goes walking." Lead by Adolfo's relaxed piano phrasing, the band segues into the bossa rhythm, lush and warm. In 1959, French director Marcel Camus made the film Black Orpheus ( Orfeu Negro) in which Jobim's composition "A Felicidade" opens. In this interpretation, vocalist Zé Renato sets the theme, after which Adolfo adds his own harmonic coloration leading into Jesse Sadoc's evocative flugelhorn solo. "How Insensitive" is a lovely slow bossa that opens with Adolfo's graceful piano setting the scene. Sadoc then shows his comfort on the upper register of the flugelhorn with a sizzling solo. Adolfo's arrangement of this number is especially interesting as he has created an immersive environment that features different key centres for each solo. Moving the tempo up a notch or two, "Agua De Beber" which was popularized by singer Astrud Gilberto, clips along with invigorating music behind Adolfo's piano. Trombonist Rafael Rocha jumps in with a burly solo, before Adolfo delivers some extended measures in the bridge.

The final track on this release is "Estrada Do Sol" which moves away from the bossa / samba rhythm to a jazz waltz. It is a pleasant and reassuring number that features some feathery solos by flautist Marcelo Martins and guitarist Lula Galvão, while Adolfo, with his light declarative touch, demonstrates his alignment with the composer. This is an inviting and attractive release.