CD Tropical Infinito, By Dee Dee McNeil – Musicalmemoirs’s

AAM Records

Antonio Adolfo, piano & arrangements; Leo Amuedo, electric guitar; Jorge Helder, double bass; Rafael Barata, drums; André Siqueira & Rafael Barata, percussion; Serginho Trombone, trombone; Marcelo Martins, tenor & soprano saxophone; Jessé Sadoc, trumpet & flugelhorn.

I believe this is the first time I’ve heard a Latin production of “Killer Joe" and it’s quite entertaining and solid. The horns add depth and excitement to this entire album production. They are tastefully placed and make for a very celebratory experience. Benny Golson’s “Whisper Not" is the second cut on this very upbeat production, and Golson’s song is always a pleasure to hear. The horn solo on this tune is perfection. Adolfo has a flair for arranging. He makes this project come alive with his unique gifts. There is joy wrapped up in these hand-picked compositions and the musicians make me want to dance and clap my hands with happiness. Antonio Adolfo clearly captures the exhilarating Brazilian culture in his music. He has been a longtime educator of Brazilian music and music history. Featuring his new octet, Adolfo explores jazz of the 1960s, using richly arranged Sambas, punchy percussive rhythms and harmonic horn arrangements. Everything reflects a mixture of America’s indigenous art form, generously spiced with Brazilian expressiveness. His original compositions are well written and fit right in with these master composers, including Oliver Nelson’s “Stolen Moments", Horace Silver’s “Song for My Father" and Hammerstein & Kern’s “All The Things You Are." Adolfo’s compositions deserve to be played, center stage, along-side the excellence of these composer celebrities. His songs are just that good. Here is a pianist/producer/composer/arranger who surrounds himself with excellent players and together, they make this project shine with brilliance.