Chora Baiao, by @CriticalJazz

Mark the calendar for July 10, 2012 as Brazilian vocal sensation Carol Saboya makes her U.S. solo debut with Belezas - The music of Ivan Lins and Milton Nascimento! This is a release primed by success with guest shots by the great saxophonist Dave Liebman, harmonica giant Hendrik Meurkens and was produced and arranged by renowned pianist who also pulls double duty as her father - Antonio Adolfo.

Once again those that roll in my musical circle know that Brazilian hits me hard and this is yet another outstanding Brazilian release for the year. Guarenteed to make your musical back leg shake whether you know Portuguese or not is completely irrelevant and Saboya's vocal prowess transcends cultural boundaries of language as the music will envelope your senses. Saboya does sing in English as well so there is a little something for everyone here.

Highlights are possibly too numerous to list but "Tarde" is an incredibly beautiful ballad of depth and character only accentuated by the Dave Liebman on tenor saxophone. "Soberana Rose" (She Walks The Earth) is one of the tunes where Saboya effortless glides between Portuguese and English and perfectly captures the harmonic texture and beautiful melodies of music that translates a jazz sensibility so well. Another gem is the Nascimento "Bola de Meia, Bola de Gude" a vibrant tune from early on in Nascimento's career done is the baiao/maracatu style that Saboya's father is especially adept at translating.

Carol Saboya's grasp of harmonic changes and her ability to be a dynamic chamelon when called upon put this release high on the Brazilian music coming out this year. Saboya is backed by a stellar quartet featuring Antonion Adolfo on piano, bassist Jorge Helder, drummer Rafael Barata and guitarist Claudio Spiewak.

If your expecting the traditional bossa groove the meter has been tweaked, not mangled. The quartet is open and incredibly organic in their presentation with Saboya as the fifth vocal instrumentalist.

A magnificent presentation.

5 Stars!