Chora Baiao, by MusicZoom (Italy)

Brazilian music is full of rhythms and styles and the best known are samba and bossa nova. The pianist Antonio Adolfo , well known at home for both the TV show that for the concerts in the theaters he chose to do an album dedicated to Choro and Baiao exploring the compositions of two great compatriots: Guinga and Chico Buarque de Hollanda . The two styles are the result of different influences over the centuries and now comes a hint of jazz to make it even more intriguing.

The daughter Carol Saboya sings a couple of songs. The other musicians are participating Leo Amuedo guitar, Jorge Helder bass, Rafael Barata battery, Marcos Suzano percussion. Little known but talented musicians at international level to create the atmosphere in which the crossover between styles is done in the best way. Antonio Adolfo knows how to be elegant and precise on the complex harmonies of the songs of Guinga and simultaneously brings a refined accent, far from the pop genre, the songs of Chico Buarque.

He writes arrangements, in addition to a couple of songs proprii, who have something brilliant and make this disc worth to be known far beyond national borders. Everything is designed in a logical way so that the disc runs as an organic whole, without any dichotomy of style or rhythm. For this reason, it avoids quoting passages that seem more successful than others: the best about Adolfo is to be able to melt everything in the best way.