Copa Village, by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower

This CD is lush Brazilian, breezy sound, tropical and intriguing in ambiance. Antonio Adolfo, on piano, Carol Saboya, on vocals, and Antonio’s frequent collaborator, Hendrik Meurkens, on vibraphones and harmonica, are featured in tunes composed by Jobim, Meurkens, and Adolfo. The lead trio has brought along Claudio Spiewak on acoustic and electric guitars, Itaiguara Brandäo on bass, Adriano Santos on drums, and André Siqueira on percussion. Some tunes are more instrumental, and some generously mixed with languorous vocals, while each unique track is magnetic and memorable. Ms. Saboya is an artist to watch, with her native Brazilian intonations, whispering and sultry. It was difficult to choose the notable tracks below, as all eleven were gorgeous.

Notable tracks:

#1 – The Girl from Ipanema – Composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Norman Gimbel. This track opens with smooth piano, guitar, and harmonica, before Ms. Saboya lends youthful, luxuriant musicality with her lyrics, sung first in English, and later in Portuguese. Mr. Meurkens and Mr. Adolfo take turns on the theme with harmonica and piano, followed by Ms. Saboya’s vocal lead, amidst a fusion of the entire ensemble, rhythmically connected with Mr. Siqueira’s percussion.

#2 – Copa Village – Composed by Antonio Adolfo, Hendrik Meurkens. On this ambrosial track, Ms. Saboya sings in scat, led by Mr. Santos on drums, Mr. Brandäo on bass, Mr. Meurkens on harmonica, Mr. Spiewak on guitar, and Mr. Adolfo on piano lead. This tune, a composition by Antonio and Hendrik, is the album’s title tune. It transports the listener right to a Brazilian island beach.

#3 – Show de Bola – Composed by Hendrik Meurkens, Paulo Sergio Valle. Here we have Hendrik leading on vibes, playing his own tune, with swinging Samba rhythms. Ms. Saboya sings the Portuguese lyrics with driven, urban sophistication, shifting the mood to Rio de Janeiro. The pulse is energized with piano, drums, guitar, bass, and percussion.

#7 – Pois É – Composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Chico Buarque. The title translates to “That is it", and the ambiance is mellow and candlelit. This is a sumptuous, romantic tune, by Jobim, sung in languid Portuguese, and accompanied by harmonica and piano. Percussion enhances the understated, tropical tempo. This particular track will mesmerize the lucky listener.