TEMA, by Dr. Debra Jan Bibel “World Music Explorer

Antonio Adolfo, Brazilian and sometime Floridian, is a jazz pianist, band leader, arranger, and as heard here, composer. Many of these tunes originate from his youthful days, though now reconstructed with maturity, as they have a 1980's smooth jazz tone. Except for the track SamboJazz, with its carnival rhythms and percussion, the music is mellow and sophisticated.
The tracks are richly lyrical and rhythmic. His septet for the sessions, include flute and soprano saxophone, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, double bass, drums, and percussion, plus piano, all of which create a joyful flowing sound with ornamentation of percussive timbres. [Credit listing includes collaborators, who are the lyricists of the songs, but there an no vocals on the album.]

Light-hearted and cheerful, the arrangements of the album offer layers of coordinated soloist improvisations. Because the sequence of tracks have various tempos and moods, the album keeps the listener attentive. The final track is an Adolfo solo, showcasing his talent as a pianist, but it fades too quickly. Still, the album is an excellent series of Brazilian jazz.