Finas Misturas, by Marcio Paschoal – Revista Musica Brasileira

Antonio Adolfo launches here its excellent "Fine Blends" (illustration), with ten tracks (four of copyright) and has launched with good effect outdoors in jazz media and world music. Antonio exudes quality in the arrangements and improvisations of "Blue Forest", his best composition on the disc. "Memories of Tomorrow" by Keith Jarrett, is the point. Besides this, there are great references of several major composers styles such as Bill Evans ( "Time Remembered"), Dizzie Gillespie ( "Con Alma"), Chick Corea and Neville Porter ( "Crystal Silence").

Mixing rhythmic colorings of our songbook with traditional jazz, Antonio wears the world sounding melodies with the best national accent. For example, in forrozeada composition Coltrane's "Giant Steps."
More on the classic line and with the help of a great team of musicians, Leo Amuedo (electric guitar, Marcelo Martins (flute and tenor sax), Claudio Spiewak ( guitar) and Jorge Helder (bass), the disc rides on these Multiformas without exceeding the sessions the title really fits the job, naming it with perfection. fine mixtures.