Finas Misturas, by Fabian Chacur – Mondo Pop (Brazil)

Antonio Adolfo is one of the great names in the history of Brazilian music. As a musician, arranger, conductor, composer, producer and performer, among other things, it since the 60s brings great works. Fine Blends , CD released by his AAM Music label and distributed in Brazil by SaladeSom Records, adds new elements to an sound universe always rich and delicious to hear.

In the first phase of his career, Adolfo played piano in groups such as 3-D Trio, Samba Five and The Brazuca, charting classic songs of MPB and quite rerecorded as Sa Marina , BR-3 and Juliana , among others, with the common partner lyricist Tiberius Gaspar. As a way to improve, he left Brazil to study music in the 70s.

Upon returning, the record companies simplesmete ignored, and the carioca musician decided to bet on a choice until then considered insane by many: independent production. With the excellent album Made At Home (1977), he had not only artistic and commercial success and opened the doors to independent production in Brazil, yielding beautiful fruits today.

In the mid-80s, he began to devote himself to educational projects in music, creating the Musical Antonio Adolfo Center and launching several books with this educational purpose. But he never neglected his artistic side, recording discs from time to time also supported by excellence in creative and technical terms.

Fine Blends brings the motto an exciting dialogue between jazz and Brazilian rhythms, with four compositions Adolfo six Jazz seminal names like John Coltrane, Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans and Dizzy Gillespie. Breaking barriers, by the way, has always marked the work of the pianist, who shuns labels like the plague.

The result is an album that is difficult to detect where the jazz or where Brazilian music since the merger gave a simply delicious and indivisible league. Speaking more directly, here we have not even Brazilian music or American music, but the music world, the universe, the galaxy. Music good.

The cool of Antonio Adolfo is that it manages to be a musician and highly sophisticated composer without falling into technicality, in the "music for musicians" in which complicated harmonies and intricate solos are really only appreciated by industry professionals. This brilliant Brazilian musician can be fine while being affordable.

This fantastic Fine Blends will bring pleasure to both the fan of inventive and creative music as to that humble listener without technical knowledge that just want to enjoy captivating instrumental music, gentle, melodic and good to hear. Difficult thing to do, only that same masters as Antonio Adolfo has a knack of making reality.