Finas Misturas, by Mauro Ferreira, O Dia – Brazil

Two years after intertwining baião and crying in album titled Chora baião (2011), Antonio Adolfo pianist focuses on a jazz repertoire, but without taking the sounds of Brazilian music ear. It is precisely the jazz fusion with rhythms, tones and feelings of Brazil that the musician guide Finas mixtures , CD recently released by the AAM Music label in the United States - the country in which Adolfo he settled for six years - with distribution in the domestic market via Sound Records room. In Finas mixtures , disc recorded in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) in December 2012, Adolfo aligns four issues of his own - Ballad (music composed in the 70s), Blue Forest , Mixing (disc concept of synthesis) and three children ( composition with touch baião that could have figured in the previous musician album) - between jazz giants of music, recreated with Brazilian touch pianist. . Adolfo hits the jazz fusion key with national rhythms throughout the album Giant steps , American saxophonist theme John Coltrane (1926 - 1967), won gang elements, rhythm that animates the June festivals in the Northeast circuit of Brazil. Already Memories of Tomorrow , the American pianist Keith Jarrett music is imbued with the feeling of national tune while Con soul , composition of the American trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie (1917-1993), is set in bossa nova climate. Finally, a touch cool samba tempera Time remembered , American pianist theme Bill Evans (1929-1980). Guided by his piano, Adolfo recorded his fine mixtures in the company of musicians Claudio Spiewak (guitar), Jorge Helder (bass), Leo Amuedo (guitar), Marcelo Martins (tenor sax and flute) and Rafael Barata (drums and percussion).