Finas Misturas, by Mihály Czékus (Hungary)

English translation
The second half of the sixties involving musicians, Antonio Adolfo, has more than four decades, an active player in the Brazilian jazz scene. The pianist was born in a family of musicians, so it is not surprising that from childhood showed great interest in musical instruments and his musical group in 1963 has been named the Samba Cinco. Over the past forty years, more than 40 high-drive, 2 music books and numerous music prize give account of the Brazilian artist. During his career to date many "big names" (eg, Sérgio Mendes, Stevie Wonder, Dionne Warwick) had the opportunity to work with Adolfo's.

In the second half of last year, Carol Saboya released the magical Latin album Belezas (which the columns of Hi-Fi market is shown below). Adolfo also played the piano on this record, which is of course not a coincidence in many ways, as a part of the singer's own daughter, on the other hand, in the person of one of the most sought after Brazilian jazzmuzsikusról is. After just a few months after the singer's album here is the new album by the "father" is already registered under his own name. Adolfo new shots hardly changed the composition of the crew of the musicians with whom her daughter by her album. The Brazilian musician Finas Misturas the disc's recording a selection of 10 top-notch. Adolfo repertoire about "elfelezte" and his own songs such as 4 and 6 jazz evergreens to disk. The processing of a "strong" found materials, such as. Giant Steps and Naima (John Coltrane), Con Alma (Dizzy Gillespie), Memories of Tomorrow (Keith Jarrett), Crystal Silence (Chick Corea and Neville Potter) and Time Remembered (Bill Evans). The jazz pianist own compositions (the Floresta Azul, in Balad, Misturando and Tres Meninos) is at least as artistic materials, such as standards. Adolfo and musicians so magical and emotive creating a world in which people simply feel at home. You can also fogalmazhatnék to "pump station" for students of color and sparkling Brazilian media. This album is great, you can always be happy to listen. It's full of great melodies, and felt that the actors practiced at the highest levels of their craft. Otherwise, the last one is clearly referring to the preferred "bűnjel" was when the disc is in some tunes spontaneously during the day, "spoke" to my ears.