Samba Jazz Alley, by Dee Dee McNeil – Musical Memoirs

Influenced by soul music, smooth jazz and West Coast cool, Rio de Janeiro native, Antonio Adolfo, successfully blends his Brazilian culture with American jazz. Early in his career, he became one of the cornerstone composers and arrangers of what became known as Samba jazz. Spurred by the famous Brazilian musicians such as Moacir Santos, Sergio Mendes, Elis Regina and Raul de Souza , Antonio Adolfo soon made a very strong name for himself on the Brazilian music scene. His latest release celebrates that era of music, thus the title, “Samba Jazz Alley." On the first tune, “Ceu E Mar" Jorge Helder makes a strong statement on double bass. Antonio Adolfo’s piano technique is powerful and stimulating. His music dances and celebrates joyfully. The second cut on this album tributes another powerful pianist/composer, Herbie Hancock. Jesse Sadoc plays a mean trumpet and the percussive work of both Rafael Barata and Dada Costa apply gas to this musical engine. Adolfo uses his amazing horn players to punch and color his arrangements, featuring (along with Jesse Sadoc) Marcelo Martins on woodwinds and Rafael Rocha on trombone.

This is an album of passionate music, with the rich Brazilian culture wrapped around the freedom music of jazz. For this production, Adolfo incorporates some of the best Brazilian musicians on the planet. Brazil’s current harmonica sensation, Gabriel Grossi and legendary harmonica player Mauricio Einhorn make a brief appearance on track five. Every song is celebratory and offers the listener musical exploration into the Samba legacy. Antonio Adolfo’s arrangements, along with this invigorating ensemble of musicians, are bound to lift spirits and make you happy.