Samba Jazz Alley, by Patrick Van de Wiele –

The Brazilian musician Antonio Adolfo has already been featured here twice in 2017, and last year. On his new album he pays tribute to the birthplace of Brazilian jazz, and that was the district of Beco das Garrafas (or Bottles Alley) in Rio’s Copacabana, where a mix of jazz, samba and bossa nova was played between 1958 and 1965. Antonio was then still a teenager, and was not allowed into the clubs before the age of 21. So he listened to the "samba jazz" outside. This album contains classics that were again arranged by Antonio, such as Johnny Alf's' Céu e Mar ', Baden Powell's' So Por Amor', Edu Lobo's' Casa Forte ',' Tristeza de Nos Dois', João Donato's' The Frog ', Jobim's' Passarim' and 'Corcovado'. Furthermore, two original tracks: a tribute to Herbie Hancock "Hello, Herbie" and "Obrigado". A new compliment to Antonio's hat with this tribute.