TEMA, by Aquiles Reis – Correio da Bahia – Brasil

Like other contemporary musicians, composer, arranger and pianist Antonio Adolfo is also celebrating 50 years of occupation. Entrepreneur, engaged and pioneer, it was he who gave a banana to major record companies and released the seminal album Homemade (1977). Action that pointed out a new path for the record production of the time: the independent disk.

As part of the celebration of its fiftieth anniversary artistic, Antonio Adolfo launched theme (independent - www.aammusic.com ). Among the ten selected songs are some that stood out among its more than two hundred compositions from the 1960s until today. Some of them included in the repertoire of his 24 albums.

Joy For All, music composed by Antonio Adolfo and that has been recorded with lyrics by Tiberius Gaspar, is revisited in the instrumental opening track: the guitar, supported by percussion reveals a northeastern theme. The sole flute melody.

A guitar improvisation, followed by another flute, gives jazzy air composition. The battery has a strong presence. While the piano fell coloring arrangement with beautiful improvisation. The guitars turn to shine in a well-northeast stippling. The battery defines the footprint. Good start.

Nature, like the previous one, has also been recorded, only with letter Xico Chaves. The tam bores battery initiate the instrumental theme. After a chord, the piano reveals the melody. The led, once again, is the Northeast. The guitar, along with the piano, shines in soil.

Comes the turn of the piano improvisation, percussion is with him. Slower than the previous theme, but not least swung, improvisation is with the guitar - bass, piano and drums make the bed so she esbalde. The soil back to the flute. Unisons give beauty to the arrangement. Supimpa.

Brazilian Phrygia (Antonio Adolfo) is a topic that brings us to the use of the Phrygian scale (the release of the CD teaches that "Phrygian scale is an unusual scale, found in some folk themes of the Northeast"): flutes and percussion start. The piano draws near, bringing the so-Phrygian scale. Bass and drums pulling taken. Soon flute and piano leading the melody.

The piano and guitar turns in the soil composition. While the piano sounds with minor chords, you hear an inspired solo bass. Beautiful moment. The flute takes over the melody. Next is the turn of solar piano theme, along with bass and drums. And the flute pulls back to you the beautiful melody ... And is not that such frigia has a darn swing?

Sierra train (Antonio Adolfo) begins with piano and flute sounding softly. Again the Northeast lends one of its many rhythms to the composition of Antonio. The improvised guitar, bass firm footprint, the battery supports you. The piano takes soil, low facilitates swing. And the American jazz, plus a northeastern rhythm, it is very Brazilian - beneficent mix.

Viva Antonio Adolfo and its modern and creative music.