TEMA, by Fabian Chacur – Mondo Pop – Brasil

Fabian Chacur

Antonio Adolfo is one of the great names in the history of Brazilian music. Keyboardist, arranger, producer, composer, the guy shows category all these cornfields. It is active in over 50 years, and maintains the freshness of the beginner times, combining the advantages that force all these years of musical experience. And still extremely productive after 68 years.

The test is for the constant number of releases in CD format it comes in providing in recent years. In 2013, it launched the amazing Fine Blends (read the review of Mondo Pop here ). In 2014, it was the turn of the solo piano album The Piano Antonio Adolfo (learn more about this album here ), another sound wonder.

The latest master creations maintains the same pike and quality. River Choro, Jazz ... , subtitled A Tribute To Legendary Brazilian Pianist & Composer Ernesto Nazareth is a beautiful tribute to one of choro pioneers, which for many is considered a kind of Brazilian jazz. Adolfo will fund this fusion, and offers beautiful reinterpretations of compositions of Nazareth, in a very nice result.

Are 9 works of mythological Ernesto Nazareth, including Brejeiro , Odeon (probably the best known of all), Charm , Heart That Feels and not Gaius another , plus a track that gives name to the CD, of Antonio Adolfo authorship. Accompanied by a quintet afiadíssimo he renews these songs, without leaving aside the essence of each. And a tribute both.

The latest musician working born in Rio de Janeiro on February 10, 1947 is titled theme , and includes new versions of compositions were originally released by him at various times in his career, partnerships with Tiberius Gaspar, Claudio Spiewak, Xico Chaves and also some individual. He sought to incorporate new elements to each of the ten tracks, making avail of their good taste and experience won over the years.

The cool thing is that while it is the album of a pianist Antonio Adolfo offers generous spaces for his six bandmates also shine. In fact, the truth is that the seven musicians involved in Tema work together for quality and musical concision, without exhibitionism play fools some less mature musicians usually do. Here, music is who gives the cards, giving the great moments listener to enjoy traveling.

The sound is wide, complete with northeastern rhythms, bossa nova, samba, funk, jazz and what else comes. For Joy All , São Paulo Express , Sierra Train and Variations On a sad theme are featured a delightful work that transcends the boundaries of the label "instrumental music" towards an intense musicality that speaks more than a thousand words. How would the gringos, Antonio Adolfo is at the peak of his game ( "on the top of Their Game"). Let the next CDs, concerts etc.