TEMA – by Leonid Auskern – JazzQuad (Russia)

It seems to be far from each other Russian and Portuguese, but the word of Tema, which became the title of the album Brazilian pianist, band leader and composer Antonio Adolfo, and sound, and for writing (with the replacement of the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet), and, most importantly, within the meaning of the same in both languages. True, he Adolfo invested in this title meaning, a little different from straight. Here's how he explains it in the liner notes of his new album, "Yes, normally the Portuguese word translated as Tema theme melody or song, but in Brazil, when jazz invites other musicians to join the joint performance, it uses this word.

This is the meaning I put into this title ». Tema - this is the third album Antonio Adolfo, got on our electronic pages, and in each case, the work of one of the most sophisticated and highly experienced masters of Brazilian jazz are conceptual in nature. Finas Misturas (2013) was devoted to the art of arrangement, in Rio, Choro, Jazz ... (2014) Antonio revealed the subtleties of music listeners Shoro on the example of the patriarch of creativity in this direction by Ernesto Nazareth, to Tema, he learned from his rich creative archive (Adolfo composed of more than a half-century career in jazz more than 200 pieces) best songs, including the early 60-ies. So, in a sense, this album can be added to the category of Greatest Hits and The Best Of ... At the same time, special importance is the fact that the selection produced by the author.

Ten songs in the album in full will give you a taste and talent Adolfo composer and skill Adolfo pianist, and especially Brazilian jazz. And above all, remember the phrase from an old joke: "Well, first of all, it's just beautiful ..." Recorded Tema Adolfo assisted his proven team, which the maestro worked on previous projects. Both guitarists, and Leo Amuedo and Claudio Spivak, a great sense of their leader and create with him a full-blooded ensemble sound. Flute Marcelo Martins brings a special charm to the sound, for example, Natureza, fluttering, like an exotic butterfly on rhythmic figures. Rhythm group also deserves the kind words. In short, the album title Tema applied to the ensemble of Antonio Adolfo fully consistent with its content. Well, and the Antonio Adolfo, accounting program, found a very effective final, clearly performing Variations on a Tema Triste. . In general, Tema - flat and studio work, showing that Antonio Adolfo has been and remains one of the central figures of Brazilian Jazz.