TEMA, by Luiz Delcides – Pauliceia do Jazz (Brasil)

A celebration of an achievement. Five-decade career, more than two hundred compositions from various stages of his musical history. Soon, the pianist and composer Antonio Adolfo, carefully selects this vast repertoire and choose ten minutes to compose "Fear," his 24th album.

Adolfo is a pioneer in independent production in Brazil to break away from the major labels to launch its historical album Homemade . The pianist found a very attentive and interested audience, which earned him appearances at major music festivals.

The pianist began his music studies at infância.Participou as a composer at major festivals and soundtracks novelas.Após around the United States, where he studied with important musicians, participated in recordings of several names of Brazilian music and solidified their brand to record and distribute their albums independently.

Theme with the participation of Marcelo Martins (woodwinds), Leo Amuedo (guitar and guitar), Claudio Spiewak (guitar), Jorge Helder (bass), Rafael Barata (drums and percussion) and Armando Marcal (percussion).

The 24th Antonio Adolfo album has in many of his compositions, regionalist features in Sambojazz , Brazilian Phrygia , Joy for All and Nature .

With its sound and rhythmic richness, theme is the review of a time, the opportunity of the listener to appreciate the talent of Adolfo and participants of the album musicians. For the pianist, previous creations, are transformed into new creations with changes in harmony, rhythm and even the melodies.